Across South East Asia, Indonesia has the second largest migrant population, with international migrant workers contributing to a large portion of the economy, boosting a fantastic number of minimum US$ 9.8 billion through remittance value.  An ever increasing number of Indonesians, up to 800,000 each year, are venturing abroad in search of work since they cannot find a promising prospect at home.

Most Indonesians working abroad are women, unskilled, and come from lower-income households in rural areas. Despite the fact that the term “remittance heroes” has been recognized, the community remains underserved by the system. Financial limitation has become a prominent challenge in improving their quality of life. It is incredibly difficult for them to access affordable financial services (which includes remittance, payment, purchase, lending, etc), due to high service fees, intermediaries and also risk of theft, and earning mismanagement by family .


To enable migrant workers to care for themselves and their families, there is a high demand for a more inclusive financial ecosystem. That is where, Yourpay, wanted to take part in solving the problem. We are a cross-border digital wallet mobile app that provides financial services, mainly for the underbanked and unbanked. Aside from building a robust and secure infrastructure, we localize our approach to earn as much trust as possible from our users.

Yourpay is a women-owned business, founded to transform the lives of fellow women through financial inclusion & literacy. We aspire to cover all pillars of the financial ecosystem which includes payments, lending, investments, insurance, and savings. Yourpay aims for an easier and more seamless flow of international transactions, enabling Indonesian Migrant Workers to be the boss of what they earned, and families to be included in the proper financial service. #AbroadAndAtHome. 

Reach us at https://yourpay.co/en/contact-us and join in on the movement to empower our remittance heroes.

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